Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kenner 1971 "Red" Slide #1 - Josie and the Pussycats!

First of all, let me thank you guys for your patience while you've waited for new posts! I just wish I could promise there'd be lots more to come! What we'll be looking at is 16 days of posts based on the 1971 "Red" Give-A-Show Projector set, then nine days of new Screen-A-Show features, and then four days of stuff based on View-Master discs... and then there should be three videos based on the Steven's Mini Projector (more on that later), and a three-part View-Master to finish up this current round of posts. So that should be... 26 days of new posts before going on hiatus again. Well, it could end up being 30 days, assuming I can track someone down to rip a 45 rpm record for the four new Talking Show Projector slides I've acquired!

So what's going on after that? Well, I know there's some Screen-A-Show cartridges I still don't own, and apparently there's a bunch of the Steven's Mini Projector films out there (well, at least six), as well as some Talking Show Projector slides (at least another four) that I don't own. There's also a lot of the See-A-Show cards that I either don't own or haven't arranged to get scans of. There's also some other similar products to the Give-A-Show Projector I haven't been able to get any of at all, like the Play-and-Show Projector (kind of a tv-screen record player thing) and a few other items that pre-date the Give-A-Show!

So far as actual Give-A-Show Projector stuff goes... there's one slide strip I'm missing from the late 1960s I really need to track down... aside from that, unless there's some mystery 1970s-era set I've never seen before, the only remaining Give-A-Show Projector sets were some of the last ones made... and they tend to show up for high prices! This would include the Ewoks set (which I've posted a few slides from already), as well as a Strawberry Shortcake set (which, to be honest, if I never manage to find -- cheap -- I won't be worrying about tracking down).

So basically, here's the deal: Assuming I can accumulate enough stuff mentioned above to make for at least a few weeks' worth of posts, once this current group is posted, the hiatus will be only temporary! In the meantime, enjoy these new videos!