Friday, January 1, 2010

1984 Super Powers - Slide 000-320-115 & 116 - The Flash!

And with the first post of the new year, I'm presenting the last of the Super Powers stories... as well as the last Kenner Give-A-Show set for a while!

But that won't mean there won't be any videos here... I'll explain more after the video!

OK, here's the scoop: Tomorrow and for the next few days, the videos will be taken from the Power Rangers Power Slide Projector... but there's no story with those slides! It's just a bunch of stills. There's 70 slides all together, so I will likely look for some kind of way to make them not take too many days... maybe 14 slides per show for 5 days? Well, that seems too long... maybe I'll put 21 to 22 per day and make them only three days.

After that, I've got what's probably the last of the Disney Magna-Slides, which will fill in all the gaps in what I've already presented here.

After that, I have some Kenner Screen-A-Show stuff, and there'll be five of those.

And finally, I've got some actual film strips that the Fortuna people produced that I'll be working on, too.

Once I get through all those... then I'll be going back to the first Give-A-Show release, which I hadn't done videos for yet, and get those done.

Hopefully, by the time all these have been done and presented here, I'll have added another Give-A-Show set or two to my collection... because if I haven't, then this blog will be going on a hiatus for a while!

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