Saturday, January 2, 2010

1993 Power Rangers!

I decided to be merciful and, instead of spreading this out over three videos, I made it just one video... so if you don't want to see this, come back tomorrow for the first of the Disney Magna-Slides that will take up the next 18 days!

A word about this set: The quality of these slides was very poor. As noted before, there's no story to be had here, just a bunch of stills, and these stills were printed on plastic just like all the other toy slides I've posted here (except for the TruVue, which were on film). Where this worked all right for stuff that was drawn, for photos, it was terrible, and very grainy, which is why this video looks so bad.

Tamfort, the manufacturer of this set, produced one extra set of slides of the Power Rangers, which I'm not at all concerned about adding to my collection after seeing this one! So far as I can tell, this was the only projector toy they produced, although they did produce a number of other toys (and may still be doing so). One of their other licenses was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Friday, January 1, 2010

1984 Super Powers - Slide 000-320-115 & 116 - The Flash!

And with the first post of the new year, I'm presenting the last of the Super Powers stories... as well as the last Kenner Give-A-Show set for a while!

But that won't mean there won't be any videos here... I'll explain more after the video!

OK, here's the scoop: Tomorrow and for the next few days, the videos will be taken from the Power Rangers Power Slide Projector... but there's no story with those slides! It's just a bunch of stills. There's 70 slides all together, so I will likely look for some kind of way to make them not take too many days... maybe 14 slides per show for 5 days? Well, that seems too long... maybe I'll put 21 to 22 per day and make them only three days.

After that, I've got what's probably the last of the Disney Magna-Slides, which will fill in all the gaps in what I've already presented here.

After that, I have some Kenner Screen-A-Show stuff, and there'll be five of those.

And finally, I've got some actual film strips that the Fortuna people produced that I'll be working on, too.

Once I get through all those... then I'll be going back to the first Give-A-Show release, which I hadn't done videos for yet, and get those done.

Hopefully, by the time all these have been done and presented here, I'll have added another Give-A-Show set or two to my collection... because if I haven't, then this blog will be going on a hiatus for a while!