Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ugly Mugly Magenta Slide 5 - Wild Wild West!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ugly Mugly Magenta Slide 1 - The Beverly Hillbillies!

So, today, it's back to one slide a day for a while... I was doing two a day with the Doctor Dolittle stuff because it's basically one long story. Anyway, today starts out the one additional set of slides Remco released for their Ugly Mugly Projector, and they feature TV shows that I believe were all on CBS at the time. There were two Beverly Hillbillies slides, two Hogan's Heroes, two Wild Wild West, two Gunsmoke, and two Family Affair.

Interesting story as to how I got these in my collection. When I bid on the Ugly Mugly projector set with the Doctor Dolittle slides, I put in a bid for a dollar or two more than the starting bid, and managed to win with the starting bid, to my surprise (the only other set I'd seen in recent months had a starting bid of about 3 times what I paid for mine with postage). The seller was actually the seller's mother, and the seller didn't even know these were put up for sale by her mom, so it took me some time to get it.

Anyway, the package arrived, and when I opened it up, I was surprised and delighted to not only get the complete Ugly Mugly Doctor Dolittle projector and set, but also all ten of these slides, plus another set of Doctor Dolittle slides that was missing only one slide (plus an extra of #1)! I did some research, and could only find one place on the web that even mentioned these other slides at all -- that was a Hogan's Heroes fan site, that put a dollar value on those slides alone of about $50-100 each.

I'm still keeping a search for "Ugly Mugly" on eBay, just in case someone does offer this set in the package, so I can grab the photo of it to add here! And here's that photo:

Sunday, July 5, 2009