Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ugly Mugly Doctor Dolittle, Parts 5 & 6!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ugly Mugly Doctor Dolittle, Parts 1 & 2!

So, in 1968, after Kenner had been producing the Give-A-Show Projector for about eight years, Remco decided to try to horn in on the action... oddly enough, they chose to do it as a Doctor Dolittle movie tie-in, which may have been what ultimately killed the line.

The projector they came up with was called an Ugly Mugly Projector, designed to look rather like a rhinocerous with multiple colors. Aside from the appearance, however, mechanically (or should that be electronically?), it was identical to the Give-A-Show. You still had to put the strip in (comprised of seven slides per strip, mounted on cardboard).

Another oddity of Remco's set-up is that each set of strips was only 10 strips, as opposed to Kenner's 16 strips. So far, I only know of one additional set of strips produced after this, all based on television shows that I believe were airing on CBS at the time, and you'll see those in about five days!

Oh, I should mention the other odd thing about this... Remco did a lot of licensed products in the late 1960s, but most of them were items that were things Remco had already been producing, but with a sticker on it for that character... so there were Star Trek items that resembled nothing on the TV series, for example! It's kind of odd that this would fit in more with Doctor Dolittle!

So, without further ado, here's parts 1 and 2!