Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kenner 1970 "Blue" Slide 3 - Bugs Bunny!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kenner 1970 "Blue" Slides - Checklist!

1970 Blue Slides
1-Archie-Dead End
2-Dudley Do-Right-Bear Facts
3-Bugs Bunny-Stare Case
4-Captain Kangaroo-The Retriever
5-Tom & Jerry-Build a Better Cat-Trap
6-Casper-Nothing to Crow About
7-Mr. Magoo-Camera Bug
8-George of the Jungle-Bungleberry Picker
9-Sabrina, The Teen-Age Witch-Sand-Witch for Lunch
10-Apollo 11 Moonflight-First Man on the Moon
11-Superman-Tower of Power
12-Rocky and Bullwinkle-Hard Luck
13-Lassie-Perilous Precipice
14-Bozo the Clown-Dumbell
15-Popeye-Up a Tree
16-Flintstones-Oil That Glitters Is Not Gold

So far as I know, this was the only Give-A-Show set produced in 1970 by Kenner... and I'm not quite sure why! It could be that if a second set came out that same year, it's much harder to come by!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1963 Disney Magna-Slides 61-64 - Cinderella!

And with Cinderella, we end our interlude with the 1963 Disney Magna-Slides, and prepare to move on to Kenner's 1970 Give-A-Show offering!