Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kenner 1961 "Blue" Slide #5 - Bullwinkle


Since the images didn't scan that well for this one, I've decided to provide the text below each slide.

"Natasha, here is secret weapon..."

" get expensive present after store is closed."

At that same moment, in a nearby lot...



"Yea, Bullwinkle, a homerun!"

"But I didn't done it!"

Monday, June 23, 2008

Kenner 1961 "Blue" Slides Checklist!

Starting to post the slides from the 1961 "Blue" set, so I thought I'd preface it with the checklist!

1961 Blue Slides
1-Huckleberry Hound-The One That Got Away
2-Popeye-A Day at the Seashore
3-Woody Woodpecker-Geronimo!
4-Three Stooges-Go To the Dogs
5-Rocky and Bullwinkle-A Ball for Boris
6-Lassie-Urgent Message
7-Mighty Mouse-Canaveral Capers
8-Classics-Peter Pan Foils Captain Hook
9-Casper the Friendly Ghost-He Who Laughs Last…
10-Heckle and Jeckle-Rough Stuff
11-Andy Panda-Balooney Business
12-Baby Huey-Wreckless Driver
13-Kenner Kids-The Haunted Mine
14-Roy Rogers-Trigger Has a Close Call
15-Captain Kangaroo-Bunny's Crazy Crop
16-Bozo-Bozo Booms a Bum
17-Classics-The Wizard of Oz
18-Classics-Robin Hood Meets Little John
19-Classics-Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn
20-Classics-William Tell
21-N/A-Stowaway in Space
22-Aesop's Fable-The Lion and the Mouse
23-N/A-Deadly Boomerang
24-N/A-Union Drummer Boy
25-Classics-Treasure Island
26-Popeye-Big Top Bullseye
27-Woody Woodpecker-Whew!
28-Three Stooges-Where There's Smoke… There's Fire?
30-Rocky and Bullwinkle-Bully for Bullwinkle
31-Roy Rogers-Headache for the Horse Thieves
32-Bozo-Joy Ride for Jumbo

There was also a "Green" set released in 1961, and we'll get to that after the Blue set's done!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Easy-Show Commercial from 1972!

Just for a break before the next batch of Give-A-Show scans goes up, here's a 1972 commercial featuring Kenner's Easy-Show Projector!