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Kenner 1960 "Red" Slide #4 - Woody Woodpecker









Friday, June 6, 2008

Kenner 1960 "Red" Slide #3 - Huckleberry Hound & Yogi Bear

As you can see, this first series of slides seriously needs to be rescanned! I was still learning the best way to do this when I started...









Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kenner 1960 "Red" Slide #2 - The Three Stooges

Here's the second slide in the 1960 Kenner "Red" Slide set, the Three Stooges in "Moon Man Moe"!










Kenner 1960 "Red" Slide #1 - Popeye

OK, so now I'll be posting the Give-A-Show slides in order... beginning with slide #1 in the first 1960 release (at least, I'm pretty sure it's the first release!)...


It's Popeye the Sailor Man in "Popeye to the Rescue"!









Kenner 1960 "Red" Slides Checklist

And here we go with the first checklist from the Kenner line! This set was released in 1960, and I refer to it as the "Red" slides because I don't know what the set number was (yet!).

These slides were made by printing the images on clear plastic sheets, and then these were sandwiched between two cardboard frames, which had the red printing on them on the edges, as well as pictures of the characters on the slides, the name of the slide, and the copyright date.

1-Popeye-Popeye To The Rescue
2-Three Stooges-Moon Man Moe
3-Yogi Bear-All At Sea
4-Woody Woodpecker-Go, Go, Goat!
5-Huckleberry Hound-Jinks' Surprise
6-Quick Draw McGraw-Two Heads are Better Than One
7-Oswald-Bug Game Hunter
8-Buffalo Bill-Skins the Thieves
9-Wild Bill Hickock-Deadly Ambush
10-Kit Carson-Indian Attack
11-Maverick-Take a Gamble
12-Wyatt Earp-Gunman's Choice
13-Annie Oakley-Shoot-Out
14-Classics-Hansel & Gretel

I'll be posting the slides from these, too!


About my obsession...

Here's an edited version of a post I made a while back to my other blog, "Jon's Random Acts of Geekery," when I started collecting Give-A-Show sets!

As you readers know, I've fairly recently started collecting the Kenner Give-A-Show toys, and have had remarkable luck with my bidding on eBay for them... maybe even too much luck, given how much I've spent already!

Right now, I have a bid on one set on eBay, and there are four that I won and paid for that I'm still waiting to arrive. Once those four have arrived, and the current one being offered is dealt with one way or another, I'll probably take a break from adding more to the collection until after the first of the year.

This didn't quite work out the way I'd planned, by the way!

What I find most interesting, though, is that the number of Give-A-Show sets being offered right now on eBay is increasing! There seem to be more than there were before, and I've been trying to figure out why that might be. Is it just coincidence? Is it because of my own buying that sellers are convinced they need to put their sets up for sale? Is it even remotely possible that all my posting about them here has led to a revival in interest for collecting them? It's hard to say.

This still seems to be the case... although it is down a bit from, say three months ago.

Anyway, what I didn't write about here -- but I did in a different post -- is about why I started collecting the things!

Back when I first became aware of Give-A-Shows -- it was probably about 1967 or 1968, after they'd been around for seven or eight years already -- they were being advertised on TV, along with similar Kenner products like the See-A-Show and Easy-Show Projectors. And I never got any of these as a kid, no matter how much I wanted them.

It's not because my parents were being mean; it was probably more economics than anything else! I have two younger brothers and two younger sisters, and it wasn't really until the 70s that we could afford many new toys at all. And by that time, I guess I figured I didn't need Give-A-Show Projectors anymore... but I did want to get those cool 8mm and Super 8mm movies that I kept seeing offered for sale at Kmart and elsewhere!

Not that I got any of those, either.

So, flash-forward to about a year ago, when I started collecting photos of collectibles offered for sale on the most popular online auction site to post in my blog. I began saving and posting those photos because I'd noticed in looking through books about collectibles that very few photos seemed to be available of these items, despite their being offered for sale often! So I decided I would be the archive of those photos.

Well, as you may have guessed, one of the subjects of my auction searches was Give-A-Show Projectors. I'm not sure what made me decide to make that one of my first saved searches... maybe it was just those childhood needs that weren't met coming to the forefront!

It didn't take long before I noticed that the Give-A-Show stuff was a lot less expensive than I figured it would be! And so I bid on one and won it... and then another, and another, and another! Before too long, I had duplicates -- sometimes of entire sets! Right now, my collection includes nine sets that came to me in at least a partial box, and I have lots of other sets I bought loose. And as I started collecting them, I started scanning the slides and sharing them in the Random Acts of Geekery on Give-A-Show Fridays!

And then, as Lefty indicated, a few weeks ago, he contacted me about his own interest in the Chad Valley sets, and in an exchange of emails, we decided to start this blog! I'll probably still continue to do Give-A-Show Fridays on the Random Acts, but I'll definitely cross-post all that stuff here, too!



And it's Jon here... what Lefty probably forgot to mention is that not only will we feature Give-A-Show from Chad Valley and Kenner, we'll also feature what we can dig up on similar items by other manufacturers, as well as related stuff from Chad Valley and Kenner!




I'm Lefty, and a very keen collector of Chad Valley (UK) Give a Show/Easy Show sets. I made contact with Jon a week or two ago with a view to combining our resources and compiling a DEFINITIVE Give-A-Show database and FULL history.

We plan to take the entire product range - year by year - from 1959/1960 (when it was exclusive to the USA) through to 1961 (when the Give a Show was released in the UK by Chad Valley) and continue right up until its final demise in the late 1970's... (and into the early 1980's for Kenner)...

Although the UK release of the Give a Show began as a simple repackage of existing Kenner releases, after 1964 Chad Valley broke away from Kenner and produced its own sets. Some of these (UK exclusive) sets will be of great interest to USA collectors.

Not only will we be identifying each set (in the order they were released), we will also be listing each and every slide, it's asigned catalogue number and title. As each set usually had 16 slides (with the occasional exception) this is a LOT of slides!

Jon will be taking care of the USA (Kenner) side of things,

I, meanwhile, will concentrate on the UK (Chad Valley) version of the Give a Show...

See you soon


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Coming Soon...

The Give-A-Show Blog!