Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kenner 1981 461-001-05 - Scooby Doo!


  1. What a great blog! This was probably my fav toy of all time. How do you capture the slides?

  2. Thanks, rightxhere. When I'm preparing slides, I place four strips of them at a time on my flatbed scanner and scan them at a minimum 600 dpi resolution. I then take the scans into PhotoShop, where I run one of several macros I've developed to enhance the colors and so forth, sometimes tweaking them as needed or redoing anything that's missing.

    From there, I import the individual slide pictures into iPhoto, and then place them in order into an iMovie file, to which I add the sound effects and music. It's all done on a Mac -- or rather, two Macs, since my new Mac doesn't have PhotoShop on it, and the older Mac's version is very old!

  3. Interesting--I thought you'd have to have them backlit somehow to get the proper effect, but they come out good.

    I have a couple old green 61 sets (although some of them seem double-imaged or have a lot color-bleeding).

    Nice to hear from a fellow Mac user. Thanks for adding me on FB.

  4. Thanks for the compliment! There have been varying degrees of success, depending on the condition of the original slides.

    The double-imaging or color bleed you're seeing is actually off-register printing. Kenner's slides weren't actually film (like the View-Master slides), but were printed on plastic, and they didn't always get the registration right.

    And you're welcome for being added as a friend on FaceBook! And I'm always happy to hear from a fellow Mac person myself!


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