Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kenner 1974 Bionic Woman Set - Checklist!

Here's the checklist for the Bionic Woman set, which will start appearing here tomorrow!


850-001-01 Super Snake
850-001-02 Grandstand Grab
850-001-03 Safecracker's Surprise
850-001-04 Also Ran Van
850-001-05 Switch Pitch
850-001-06 North Dakota Escape
850-001-07 Imminent Iceberg
850-001-08 Parachute Predicament
850-001-09 Storm Front Stunt
850-001-10 Junkyard Jeopardy
850-001-11 Side Tracked
850-001-12 Wheeler Dealer
850-001-13 Soggy Situation
850-001-14 Mixed Up Martians
850-001-15 Sorry Cyclist
850-001-16 Hang Glider Heroine

The action (so to speak) starts tomorrow! Be here!

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