Monday, June 1, 2009

Kenner 1973 Six Million Dollar Man Set - Checklist

It's Bionic Month at the Give-A-Show Blog! Well, a few Bionic Weeks, anyway, and we're starting out with the 1973 Kenner Six Million Dollar Man set! Today, the checklist, but tomorrow, part one, featuring the first four slides from this set! That's right, we'll get through this set in four days... and then it'll be time for the Bionic Woman Set from 1974... and then, the Chad Valley Bionic Sets!

1973 — Six Million Dollar Man Set #35109
Note: This may have been the first set produced without cardboard frames! It's also possible this set may have been originally released in 1973 with standard cardboard frames, and then released again when the cardboard frames were on their way out, and that's the copy I have.
850-002-01 – Suspense in San Francisco
850-002-02 – Timber Tosser
850-002-03 – Deep Blue Dynamite
850-002-04 – Rapids Transit
850-002-05 – Captive Cablecar
850-002-06 – Everglades Emergency
850-002-07 – Camper Calamity
850-002-08 - Marooned
850-002-09 – Carrier Crisis
850-002-10 – Bionic Basketball
850-002-11 – Rhino Rodeo
850-002-12 – Hazardous Highway
850-002-13 – Steve Foils a Flood
850-002-14 – Race to the Bridge
850-002-15 – Airport Acrobat
850-002-16 – Drawbridge Dilemma

Oddly, so far I haven't found any evidence that Kenner produced any other Give-A-Show sets (at least, new ones) in 1973 other than this one! 1974, on the othe rhhand, had at least 4 sets (including the Bionic Woman one)!

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