Thursday, April 9, 2009

Photo Parade!

Time for another quick look at other Give-A-Show-like products!


This 1961 Chad Valley release in the UK looks to be pretty much unique to the UK, although there could be a few slides in common with a Kenner release!


Here's a very old ancestor of the Give-A-Show Projector, the 1935 Dux Kino!


Here's another slide set for the modern-day Power Rangers Give-A-Show type toy!


This Chad Valley "Noddy" set even included a molded-in Noddy picture on the projector!


Here's another of the Fortuna sets!


This Tom and Jerry set was produced in 1972, when Chad Valley renamed the Give-A-Show Projector in the UK "Slidearama"!


This item here is a mystery to me... it could well be a legally licensed item produced for another country!


Here's another Chad Valley set... obviously Chad Valley got the idea that a themed set of slides would work well long before Kenner did!


And to wrap up this post, here's another Magnajector... as you can see, this one also came with an opaque projector function!

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