Monday, March 30, 2009

Photo Parade!

Before getting into the 1971 Talking Give-A-Show stuff, here's a photo parade of other products like the Give-A-Show projector!


Here's another of those Disney Magnaslide sets, like the ones I posted here before!


The Flashy Flickers shown here, manufactured by Marx, may have pre-dated the Give-A-Show Projector!


TruVue was a company that competed with View-Master until View-Master bought them out... this is a set I actually own, but haven't been able to do decent scans of so far!


Above you'll see another of those Fortuna knock-offs. I've kept my eyes open for these, but so far haven't been able to determine if any of these have different slides than the one I have!


This modern-day Bandai-manufactured toy from Japan certainly seems to be Give-A-Show-like!


This Fortuna projector seems to have abandoned the idea of copying Kenner and copying View-Master instead!


This Screen-A-Show Cassette projector seems to have been designed to give the Give-A-Show experience without having the room darkened!


Here's a real vintage piece... this Disney film strip projector seems to be a definite ancestor of the Give-A-Show Projector!

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