Monday, February 16, 2009

Kenner 1969 "Gold" Set - Checklist!

Here's the checklist of the slides included with Kenner's 1969 "Gold" set, which is all Hanna-Barbera!


This set was also available with an exclusive for Sears, which had extra slide sets, but I don't know what those were!


1 - Gulliver in "Liliput Fire Department"
2 - Yogi Bear in "Unplanned Vacation"
3 - Atom Ant in "Getting the Point Across"
4 - Top Cat in "Paint-Pot Luck"
5 - Moby Dick in "Now That's Using Your Tail"
6 - Shazzan in "The Oasis"
7 - Samson in "Tanks a Heap"
8 - Huck Finn in "Can You Pop This?"
9 - Wacky Races in "Delayed Reaction"
10 - Huckleberry Hound in "A Likely Fish Story"
11 - Ruff & Redd in "The Big Scoop"
12 - Hokey Wolf in "That's the Brakes"
13 - Quick Draw McGraw in "S.O.S. Goes Up in Smoke"
14 - Space Kidettes in "The Picnic Pirates"
15 - Jonny Quest in "Say No More"
16 - The Flintstones in "Re-Tired"

It all starts tomorrow!

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