Thursday, October 16, 2008

Before we start on the next set...

...I've got a thing or two to get off my chest, so bear with me.

If you're a collector of Give-A-Show Projectors, you've probably gone onto eBay a time or two to try and find items that are missing in your collection -- heck, I check it pretty much daily! -- and I'm sure there's been a few times when you've seen the starting bid or buy it now price on an item and thought, "Who the heck would pay that much for that thing?"

I'm guessing nobody is willing to pay those prices, and the reason I say that is because -- as I said -- I check eBay reguarlly, and ever since I started collecting, I've seen some items listed (especially in eBay Stores) for about as long as I've been collecting, all with ridiculously high prices, and they're not being sold.

Like, for example, a Bionic Woman Give-a--Show set with an asking price of $99. That is an obscene amount of money to ask, especially when there's another one listed for half that price (not that I'm planning to pay that much, either... I think $30 would be my top price, and that's only if shipping is $10 or less).

And then there's the people selling individual slides... Now, I can *almost* see asking $3 for a single slide strip, because if that's all your missing in your set, it might be worth it. Almost. I've only bought one single strip on eBay, and that was $1.00 for a Frankenstein Jr. strip with reasonable shipping.

But how about $10 for one strip, especially one that I have as part of a complete set I bought with package for $30 including shipping? It's ridiculous.

Don't even get me started on some of the other prices I've seen... in July, someone listed a 1981 Scooby-Doo set with beat-up box with a starting bid of $100. And the Star Wars sets, especially the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi-related ones, routinely ask for $250 or more.

Even if I won the lottery, I wouldn't pay that much for a single Give-A-Show Projector set. Not even the Chad Valley Planet of the Apes set only sold in the UK (That one, I might go $100 tops on, but that would be only if, as I implied, I won the lottery).

So, if you're a collector, even if you have money to waste, please don't fall for those overinflated prices. Even if that's the one item you need for a complete collection. Be patient, wait for someone else to list it at a more reasonable price.

And don't bid against me, okay?


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