Monday, September 1, 2008

Wish Book Catalog Images!

All these images (in their uncropped form, anyway), originated from Wishbook Web, a great site that I was alerted to at the Plaid Stallions blog. The proprietors of that website have dutifully scanned entire catalogs from Sears, JC Penney, Montgomery Ward's, and more, and made them available to check out!

There's all kinds of great vintage stuff shown there, including toys I don't ever remember seeing before! But here's the Give-A-Show stuff I could find there, as well as similar toys:

SearsC1975_Page505 - gas
(Sears 1975)

Eaton'sChristmas.1973.P431 - gas
(Eaton's 1973)

Eaton'sChristmas.1973.P430 - gas
(Eaton's 1973 again)

1969_SearsChristmasCatalogPage0462 gas
(Sears 1969)

JCPenny1966_Page0328 -gas
(Penney's 1966)

JCPenny1966_Page0328 - gas
(Penney's 1966 again)

JCPenny1966_Page0328 - gas
(Still more Penney's 1966)

JCPenny1966_Page0328 - gas
(One final Penney's 1966)

Sears_1964_Page0099 - gas
(Sears 1964)

Sears_1964_Page0099 - gas
(More Sears 1964)

Sears_1964_Page0099 - gas
(Another Sears 1964)

(Yes, another Sears 1964)


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