Thursday, August 14, 2008

Similar Products: Movie Viewers, Part 2!

For whatever reason, in the 1970s, the world of "Movie Viewers" took off, as several manufacturers all rushed to market their own movie viewer that used snap-in cartridges of film loops (similar to the Easy-Show Projectors) so you could watch movies!

Actually, it's possible some of them may have predated the 1970s, like this one...


...which may not be a true "movie viewer" at all (I don't recall the details about this item).


And I don't know if Tru Vue's "Roll-A-Show" was a 1960s item or not! But the things really took off in the 70s...


Kenner, of course, had theirs...


Ideal had their Pocket Flix... Heck, even Fisher-Price had their own movie viewer!

At first, these were all hand-cranked, but eventually, they got motorized...


But by this point, the market was falling off severely, I'd imagine, as it already had for the Easy-Show Projector and the Give-A-Show would follow soon after, as the home video market started to appear, and there wasn't a need for these (or 8mm or Super 8mm movies) any more.

And it's kind of a shame, really... I have fond memories of looking through these movie viewers as a kid in the 1970s.


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