Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Similar Items: Movie Viewers, Part 1!

Before we get into the next batch of Give-A-Show slides, let's look at a similar product: Movie Viewers!

There were two different kinds of Movie Viewers manufactured... until the 1970s, there was the kind that just had a film strip that you'd advance one frame at a time (like this item shown below):


This Superman set was produced in 1946, quite a long time before the Give-A-Show Projector appeared! Like View-Masters, you'd need to hold the viewer in front of some kind of light source to see the image when you looked in the view finder.


A wide variety of characters were available in "films" for these movie viewers!



And these were made avaialable through the 1960s, and into the 1970s, with more Superman ones, like shown above...


Or Star Trek! By the 1970s, these were mostly sold at five-and-dime stores like Woolworth's, Kresge, and Kmart.


There was a "cheaper" version, too... that didn't require looking through a view finder. This just used paper scrolls to watch the "movie."



Although to be honest, these were called "TV Viewers."


At least most of the time!


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