Friday, August 15, 2008

Kenner 1962 "Gold" Slides - Adventure Time Set Checklist!

1962 Gold Slides – Adventure Time Set
This set was unusual in that it was released with two 45 rpm records with the audio on it – all the sound and usic were there, with no text on the slides themselves! When I get around to posting these (have to scan the slides and get the records ripped and converted into an embeddable format first), I'll set it up so you can play the audio file while you check out the slides!
1-Monkeys in Space
2-Dinosaur Fight
3-Fiercest Pirate
4-Mostest Horse in the World
5-Monster of the Ocean Deep
6-Greatest Athlete Who Ever Lived
7-182 Brave Men
8-Oldest Living Things on Earth
9-Giants and Midgets
10-Seeing Without Eyes
11-First at the Top of the World
12-The First Rocket
13-Brothers Who Invented the Airplane
14-Mountains of Flaming Rock
15-Finest Indian of Them All
16-Elephants Crossing the Alps


  1. It is awesome to find this! I had the Adventure Time Give-a-Show Projector set! I remember being so thrilled the day I got it. And yes, it had the record!

  2. I'm glad you found my blog! Have fun watching all the videos!


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