Friday, July 25, 2008

Similar Toys: Kenner's See-A-Show!

You may have noticed by now that after I finish posting all the slides for one Give-A-Show set, I'll follow that up with a few non-slide days... and here's another one of those!

Designed to compete with View-Master, Kenner's See-A-Show used a similar format to their Give-A-Show sets... each card had seven panels to tell a story, and the art even resembles the Give-A-Show stuff!


Here's a 1969 packaged set...


Another one from 1969...


The Six Million Dollar Man See-A-Show Set! I wondered on my other blog, "Random Acts of Geekery" when I posted this pic if there were the same stories used for this as the Give-A-Show set... and I can't say that there were!


Here's one of the Superman See-A-Show cards. An eBay seller very kindly gave me high-res scans of what he was selling, and I've needed to process these so I can post them here -- especially since you have to look at this card from the bottom up!


Even the See-A-Show, itself a "knockoff" of the View-Master, got knocked off, too! Although this one looks pretty fun to me!

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