Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kenner 1961 "Green" Slides Checklist!


1-Huckleberry Hound-Huck's Magic Show
2-Yogi Bear-Flying High
3-Quick Draw McGraw-The Cannoneer
4-Pixie & Dixie-Painting the Town
5-Ruff & Reddy-Ruff Gets Rough
6-Snooper & Blabber-The Bear Facts
7-Auggie Doggie-Daddy Rings the Bell
8-Flintstones-A New Twist
9-Snagglepuss-Soars to New Heights
10-Flintstones-Fred Bowls a Boomerang
11-Aggie Doggie-Daddy Builds a Beauty
12-Huckleberry Hound-Huck Uses His Head
13-Yogi Bear-Unfunny Honey
14-Quick Draw McGraw-Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…
15-Ruff & Reddy-Whale of a Time
16-Flintstones-Double Trouble

I'll warn you ahead of time... this set will feature some very off-model character appearances!


  1. This is the set I had. Seems like it must've been available for purchase a year or two later than '61. What do you mean by "off-model character appearances"?

  2. I'm sure that sets stayed on the shelves until they were sold out or otherwise out of production.

    By "off-model," I mean that the Kenner artists didn't always do that great a job of matching the character likenesses, not following the models.


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