Wednesday, June 4, 2008



I'm Lefty, and a very keen collector of Chad Valley (UK) Give a Show/Easy Show sets. I made contact with Jon a week or two ago with a view to combining our resources and compiling a DEFINITIVE Give-A-Show database and FULL history.

We plan to take the entire product range - year by year - from 1959/1960 (when it was exclusive to the USA) through to 1961 (when the Give a Show was released in the UK by Chad Valley) and continue right up until its final demise in the late 1970's... (and into the early 1980's for Kenner)...

Although the UK release of the Give a Show began as a simple repackage of existing Kenner releases, after 1964 Chad Valley broke away from Kenner and produced its own sets. Some of these (UK exclusive) sets will be of great interest to USA collectors.

Not only will we be identifying each set (in the order they were released), we will also be listing each and every slide, it's asigned catalogue number and title. As each set usually had 16 slides (with the occasional exception) this is a LOT of slides!

Jon will be taking care of the USA (Kenner) side of things,

I, meanwhile, will concentrate on the UK (Chad Valley) version of the Give a Show...

See you soon


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